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We turn your dreams into reality 

You are set for your special day and ready to go down the aisle! The Planning Bee will tie any last minute loose ends, and perfectly execute the wedding of your dreams! 


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The Prestige 
The Prestige Package allows you to plan your wedding while enjoying the security of having our expert advice and guidance.  This package is perfect for the client that wants to be a part of planning, but needs additional assistance.  The Planning Bee will assist you in whatever you need to turn your dreams into a reality.


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I Do
You have a vision and are  capable of planning your own wedding.  Now it’s time to relax, and enjoy your special day.   The Planning Bee will tie any loose ends, and will perfectly execute the wedding of your dreams.



The Premier 
Are you recently engaged and you want nothing short of a jaw-dropping wedding?  This is a season that you should enjoy and feel at ease.  Why would you have to worry about planning your special day, when you have The Planning Bee?  All you have to do is share your dreams with us, and we will make it a reality.  Using our creative expertise we will help you define your style and achieve your idea of a perfect wedding


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